CC14 - Myq Kaplan is a Comedian

Myq Kaplan, a super funny comedian and fellow poly psychonaut, joins Shira for a conversation about what started him down the path of questioning the nature of reality and is kind enough to entertain Shira's questions about his ayahuasca chaperone. 

At the top of the episode Shira talks about her recent adventures at Ephemerisle, a festival that is a little bit like Waterworld for psychonauts.

At the end of the episode, in the Weird Shit portion of the show, Shira discusses the general philosophy behind Esoteric Numerology.


Comedy Clip from Myq Kaplan's No Kidding - Available on iTunes

Music by They Might Be Giants - Available on iTunes

Esoteric Numerology reading from Numerology and the Divine Triangle - Available on Amazon


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