CC15 - Cass is Throwing Herself a Gang Bang!


Shira is joined by her friend Cass, an up and coming comedian and overall interesting and excellent human. (Shira think's Cass's comedic persona is a bit like if Maria Bamford and Bo Burnham had a baby that was raised by John Waters.) The discussion gets into all sorts of fascinating nooks and crannies of Cass's psyche including her subculture fashionista flair, a past suicide attempt, and her plans for her very first gang bang.

At the top of the show Shira updates everyone on her progress with abstaining from smoking weed. With the THC out of her system and her REM cycles in full swing, Shira's dreams are back and they are full of people from her past. These dreams are giving her all sorts of weird feels that she has to deal with while SOBER. Also, Shira makes some progress with her favorite conspiracy theory involving grapes grown in graveyards!

Audio Credits:

Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N Roses 

Grannies - Maxo Kream

Answer - Tyler the Creator


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